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I am very pleased about my experience with Riley. My time with her made my postpartum experience much more positive and bearable, and I feel like it helped me avoid developing postpartum depression. I was surprised by how helpful it was! I 100% think that everyone should have it, especially if they don't have very much community support. I was sad when I decided it was time to phase out of services as I always looked forward to Riley's visits. It wasn't just the help with the housework, my baby, or even the self-care breaks Riley gave me... It was also the companionship that she provided that helped me get through a difficult fourth trimester. I always felt like I was talking with an old friend when she visited me. 

To put it figuratively, I often felt like I was close to drowning after a week of treading water on my own. When Riley visited, it was like she was handing me a life raft to rest on for a while, to let me catch my breath, before I would be jumping back into the waves for another week until she would visit again. Her visits gave me the strength to hold my head above water. 

I loved the herbal knowledge Riley shared, the recommendations she made for massage therapy and nanny care, and the two sleep sacks she gave me from a past client. It saved me money and spared me a trip during an overwhelming time. I also really appreciated the support Riley provided me in making peace with my birth experience. Plus, I was always so impressed with how much she could get done in the four hour window that she was here! Very satisfied customer over here! 


Although the service was expensive, I consider it well worth it for the benefit on my mental health. It's something you can't put a price on. I felt desperate when I reached out, and the money I spent really supported me to get through a difficult time. I have no regrets about my decision to hire Riley!

- Jeanette, Postpartum 

I am so grateful I was able to have Riley's support for my pregnancy and birth. I didn't have a doula present for my first baby and the comparison between the two experiences is night and day.


Riley is such a calm, supportive, and reassuring presence to have by your side. All the information she provided me and the preparation we did before the birth completely changed my labour from something I had been very nervous about to something I felt prepared for and supported in. She helped prepare me by answering any questions I had and provided me with incredibly useful information and techniques for early & active labour. She helped to create a peaceful environment for delivery, which made the whole experience truly peaceful, beautiful, and loving for me and my baby.  


Riley's attention to my individual needs made me feel truly understood and so supported. I followed her advice and did things I would have not thought of doing myself that completely changed the whole experience for the better. I felt strong, supported, and was able to enjoy the process of labour and birth. With her support, I felt so much better equipped and prepared for whatever came my way. 


As soon as my baby was born, I honestly wished I could go back and do it all again. My birth memories are peaceful, divine, and lavender scented.

- Shannon, Birth 

Having Riley as my birth & postpartum doula was the best decision that I could have made to welcome our baby, Walker, into the world. It is without a doubt, the sole decision that made our experience more wholesome, more loving, and ultimately stress-free. Her holistic and well-rounded approach allowed me to release the stress of welcoming a new being into the world and focus on the love that I was feeling. Riley focused on my care in ways I didn’t even know I needed; she thoughtfully prepped my birth/hospital bag, she carefully tidied the house - leaving necessary items out and within arms reach. She supported my creating the perfect postpartum space to allow me the connection with my babe in her bassinet.


Recovering from a caesarean introduces a host of challenges, from lack of mobility to additional personal care and hygiene, all while being the sole provider for your new baby. Riley made this transition period an absolute dream by providing physical support when necessary, caring for my baby just as I would when I needed to rest my body, allowing my mind to fully rest knowing that my baby was in the strongest yet softest hands imaginable.

I am so happy to share about the joy that is Riley; she is a member of our family now and we will always cherish our time with her. I still firmly believe my Walker would recognize the heartbeat in her chest just as much as she does mine.

- Karli, Birth & Postpartum 

Working with Riley has opened my eyes to an essential part of being a woman that I never knew existed. She supported to me understand my unique hormonal system, while guiding me in discovering a new way to nurture and balance my body that honours my natural rhythm & lifestyle.

By learning to align my life with each phase of my cycle, I've noticed that my moods have shifted for the better; I have less ups and downs and my periods and PMS are so much more manageable.

I've learned how to nurture myself, how to say no, and how to take rest - all while tapping into the power of my internal rhythm. My relationships have benefitted from this deep bodily awareness, and I finally feel beautifully connected to my vibrant feminine body. Learning to listen to my needs and live without shame for being uniquely myself has wonderfully changed my life! 

- Lacey, Cycle Reclamation

Riley was a great support to me and my family. She prepared lovely meals that were warm and nourishing, and always made sure we had healthy and nutritious snacks to eat after she left.

Her demeanor is very calm and comforting. I highly recommend Riley for anyone wanting postpartum support! She was the help I never knew I needed, and I know that she will make a wonderful impact on the lives of many families to come. 

- Brittany, Postpartum

Riley is a joyful person to have around. I initially hired her for a short period of time fresh postpartum, but realized that I still needed help and brought her back after a couple of months. She helps me feel at ease, and I feel that I can easily connect with her. I feel comfortable having her in my home and helping to care for my kids while I give individual attention to each of them. I love the meals that she prepares for us, and the way she leaves our home tidy and peaceful. These things might seem basic, but they are the things I need help with in order to feel calm for the rest of my day. I feel SO much better knowing someone who has empathy for my experiences as a mother will be there to provide support in whatever way I need it. I really feel like I can talk to Riley about my experience and feel connected to her as my doula. 

Before hiring Riley, I didn't really know what a doula did. I didn't realize that the support was mother-focused and that she would help with me with whatever I felt was necessary for the day. This kind of support has been relieving an takes a huge weight off of me as a mom. Postpartum doula care has supported me in reducing feelings of postpartum depression and anxiety. The help I receive from Riley allows me to focus more on connecting with my children, which is extremely important to me.

- Whitney, Postpartum

I found out about postpartum doula care after getting pregnant, and I was surprised I didn't learn about it sooner! The support I received from Riley made the motherhood load so much lighter in the first tiring days and weeks after birth. It was so nice to know that I had an extra set of hands to support me with anything I needed. It was also really great to be cared for by someone during this time, as often the focus is only on the baby. I was just so grateful to have this kind of support postpartum. Thank you, Riley. You felt safe. 

- Jodi, Postpartum

We loved having Riley as our birth doula. Not only was she a huge support to me during labour, she made the experience for my husband so much better as well. His experience could have been really difficult, and that would have ultimately affected my labouring process, but Riley were able to keep both of us calm and provide him with clear, gentle direction on how to support me. 

Our birth experience was truly shaped by our relationship with Riley, and the support she was able to give us throughout our pregnancy, labour, and delivery. Our birth story would have been so different without her in it. She was the yin to my yang, the calm in the storm, and so unbelievably helpful. Although my hubby was super hesitant about hiring a doula at first, he would now highly recommend to anyone that having a doula on the birth team is a MUST. We are thankful for everything Riley did for us. She went above and beyond what was ever expected and it made all the difference. I will be forever grateful for you, Riley.

- Jaimie, Birth

I decided to look into doula support after talking to my social worker about my anxiety entering into the postpartum stage for a second time. This time around, I felt very cared for. Even when Riley wasn't physically present, I could feel her care in the carefully prepared meals and personal care items she would leave behind. I found her to be very approachable, open-minded, and flexible. We spent lots of our timing connecting about my postpartum experiences, and I feel that Riley is very attuned to the needs and experiences of new mothers. She brought with her a calming and nurturing energy every time she visited us. As a second time mom, I felt like I needed to be taking care of several people at once, which didn't leave a lot of time for me. I felt like Riley was the one person designated to caring for me, both practically and emotionally.

- Kari, Postpartum

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