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my services

My services range from comprehensive birth and postpartum support into the subtler aspects of womanhood through cycle awareness and women's gatherings. All of my services are designed to connect you to your womb space, your innate feminine capacity, and your sovereignty. 

birth support

We will work together to ensure that you feel empowered, prepared, and supported for your labour and birth journey.

moon circles

Join me and Jenel Maruk, RMT & Doula, every new and full moon for a night of connection, reflection, and meditation. Hosted at Ground Yoga.

postpartum care

I will work with you to create a supportive postpartum environment, so you can focus on healing and connecting with your baby.

cycle reclamation

Reconnect with your natural rhythm through the art of cycle-tracking. Reclaim the wisdom and power that is held in your womb space.

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