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Saskatoon's Holistic Postpartum Doula Service

Crossing the threshold from maiden to mother is a momentous transition in a woman's life that requires deep nourishment and care. I will nurture and support you after your birth and as you journey through your healing and into motherhood.

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Did you know as women we can never be too kind to ourselves?
-Maya Tiwari

Be nourished in the fourth trimester & beyond.

The fourth trimester refers to the first three months postpartum and is just as important as the three trimesters of your pregnancy. The symbiotic relationship and connection between you and your baby extends beyond their time in the womb, and it is important to receive proper nourishment and support once you have them in your arms. When we nurture ourselves in the fourth trimester, we pave a path to radiance, wholeness, and vitality. 

Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum Doula Support
$30/hour for daytime support (8:00-19:00)

$40/hour for evening/night support (19:00-8:00)


What are people saying?

"You were the help I never knew I needed."

"Her holistic & well-rounded approach allowed me to release the stress of welcoming a new being into the world and focus on the love that I was feeling."

What kind of services are offered?

  • postpartum nourishment (meals & herbal teas)

  • feeding support (breast or bottle)

  • sleep support for mother & babe

  • healing mind & body practices 

    • mother warming techniques, such as sitz baths, vaginal steaming & belly massage​

  • newborn support & home care

  • supportive postpartum movement

  • community resources as needed

Allow yourself to be nourished.

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