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for the first forty days

Roasted Vegetables

3 qualities of proper postpartum nourishment:

  • warm in temperature & in nature

    • the body is tender and susceptible to ailments in postpartum - in TCM & Ayurveda, the belief is that you must "keep away the cold" because both body and spirit are open after childbirth (belly or vaginal). Not only that, but it takes more energy to process cold foods. Warm in nature refers to warming herbs, like cinnamon, ginger, and pepper, for example. ​

  • nutrient rich

    • your body requires adequate amounts of proteins, healthy fats, and rich nutrients in postpartum, otherwise you will draw from bodily stores which can cause you unwanted challenges. It's imperative to replenish your healthy fat and protein stores to support the recovery of your vital tissues. ​

  • easily digestible

    • the digestive system during postpartum can be referred to as "sluggish", meaning that your digestive fire is compromised simply due to the compression of the system during pregnancy. It's ideal to eliminate as much internal work as possible, so ingesting cooked, soft, warm foods is preferable. Warm broths and soups are great, especially in the immediate postpartum.

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