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Holistic Directory

Here, you will find a directory of local Saskatchewan practitioners - including herbalists, yoga instructors, other doulas, and pelvic floor physiotherapists, to name a few.

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Image by Egor Myznik
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Local Practitioners

Blissed Yoga - Sam 

Held By Her - Kjelti

Amongst the Wildflowers - Danielle 

Jenel Maruk 

Holistic Physiotherapy & Wellness - reach out 

Doulas - Katelynn, Ali, 

Berry Breast - Fred

BirthWays International - Angie & Karen 

Medicinal Herbs - Ravensong Seeds and Herbals

Hearten Doula Services - Katelynn - chromosomal differences, special needs, NICU


I include other doulas on my directory as I believe that there should be as many different doulas as there are families, and acknowledge that my approach and skill set may not suit your needs. The ultimate goal is that you find the right fit for you & your family!

hearten doula services

Katelynn Robertson, the creator of Hearten Doula Services, provides specialized care to families who are expecting a baby with additional needs, chromosomal differences, or are anticipating a NICU stay. 

yoga & movement

Blissed Yoga with Samantha Marcoux - Postnatal

  • Postnatal Yoga, Meditation + Breathwork

  • First 40 days & beyond 

Samantha has a passion for bringing women and mamas back to balance through mindful movement and meditation. Through deep body and breath awareness, we invite ourselves to receive and surrender.

Group classes - online and in person

1:1 Mentorship (includes 1:1 classes, mentoring + access to any group classes I have going on at the time + these clients will also have access to my online program once it is available)


You can find Samantha on Instagram 

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