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About Riley 

I am a holistic doula based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is a blessing and a privilege to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with new and expectant families. I do not take this work lightly and am deeply honoured every time a new family welcomes me into their sacred birth or postpartum space. I approach my work from a holistic perspective - incorporating movement/breathing, nutrition, mother warming, and herbs into my practice.

It is my goal to leave you feeling deeply nourished, empowered, and in touch with your intuition and innate healing capacity. 

I launched my business in June 2021 and have been working as a doula since. Prior to practicing as a doula, I worked in various front-line advocacy roles supporting lower-income and marginalized people with mental health and/or addictions. Both my education and my professional experience have reinforced the belief that early mother care is essential for the long-term wellness of individuals, families, and communities.

I view the journey into motherhood as a ceremonial event in a woman's life - the archetypal transition from maiden to mother. You birthed your baby, but you were also reborn as a mother. I approach my work with intention to ensure that you feel nurtured, informed, and empowered throughout this time of change. I strive to support you in having a sacred and memorable birth and postpartum experience.

Beyond birth, there are many other rites of passage that women experience in their lives. Some of these transitions include menarche (the first bleed), conception, miscarriage, ending birth control, and menopause. Often times, these experiences aren't honoured in the way they deserve, leaving women feeling like "something is missing". My intention is support women to reclaim these natural and significant events in a way that honours the mind, body, and spirit


Education & Training 

Community Support & Educational Assistant certificate (2016)

Child, Family & Community Studies diploma (2017)

Fireweed Farms Herbal Apprenticeship program (2019)

Herbal Pregnancy & Childbirth training (2021)

DONA Birth Doula training (2021)

BWI Postpartum Doula training (2021)

Pregnancy & Infant Loss training (2021)

Yin Yoga Teacher training (2021)

Body Ready Method training (in progress)

Child and Youth Care degree (2024 completion)

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