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Woman, welcome.

My name is Riley Vaskic, and I am postpartum doula offering support here in Saskatoon, SK. 


Saskatoon Postpartum Support

Postpartum doulas are trained professionals that offer physical, emotional, and educational support to new mothers and families after birth. Services are tailored to the unique needs of the mother and are provided in a way that empowers and supports her journey through motherhood.
Some services include:
  • Postpartum nutritional education & support
  • Nourishing herbal remedies & recommendations for mother and baby
  • Newborn care and education
  • Breast/bottle-feeding support
  • Providing postpartum recovery support & comfort measures
  • Emotional support & a shoulder to lean on
  • Caring for other children when mum & babe need quiet time/rest
  • Belly binding/babywearing support
  • Optimize your space to be baby-friendly
  • Helping with light housework
  • And more! 


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